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Scotch Guard Treatment

Scotch Guarding is the ultimate carpet, area rug, and upholstery insurance program. Scotch Guard is a safe chemical that creates a repellant coating around carpet fibers so that they do not absorb any liquids that can cause a stain. The biggest mistake people make when cleaning up a stain is not acting quickly enough due to the moment of panic we experience after an accidental spill. The more time a staining liquid has to penetrate the fibers of a carpet the more time it has to permanently stain the carpet.


Scotch Guard will prevent your carpets from absorbing unwanted odors. For example, pet stains even after the liquid is removed may still leave you with unwanted odors. With Scotch Guarding, the repellent coat around the fibers prevents odors from being absorbed. Scotch Guarding also prevents carpets and upholstery from absorbing dirt, dust, and allergens which can create a stuffy and musty living environment

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